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In the south of Croatia, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, there is the Pelješac peninsula. And it is the second largest peninsula in Croatia. It is an attractive tourist destination because it has the sunniest days during the summer. It is still hidden from mass tourism when privacy is what everyone is looking for. Due to the clean sea and beautiful beaches, it is an ideal place for vacation.

Pelješac is a peninsula that you could fall in love with, and it is located halfway between two pearls of the Adriatic, so it is easy to go on a trip to Split or Dubrovnik

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Mediterranean climate on the Pelješac

South Croatia is rich in cultural monuments. And the climate on the Pelješac peninsula is warm and pleasant throughout the year due to the Mediterranean climate. Long, warm and dry summers with lots of sun are perfect for enjoying the sea. But even such an area is ideal for viticulture with lots of sun, little rain and poor soil with small stones. At the expense of these important factors, we have excellent wines for which our peninsula is known in Croatia and in the world. The best quality wine from little Plavac is Dingač. And the wine itself was named after the place.

Winters are also mild and humid, so the temperature rarely drops below 10 °C.


Peninsula Peljesac


 Pelješac Channel

The Pelješka channel is due to the natural position of the island of Korčula and the peninsula of Pelješac, which are placed opposite and look like a funnel. Such a unique position of the island of Kocula and the peninsula of Pelješac creates a pressure difference, so in the summer months the wind known as the mistral blows most often. At the expense of this natural perfection, it is great for water sports, windsurfing, kitesurfing and other water sports that make our region famous.
On our peninsula you can find high-quality fish such as sea bream, sea bass and many other fish, octopuses, crabs and mussels and oysters, which are associated with the name Pelješac Croatia.


Hiking on St. ILIJA
Hiking on Sv. Iliju can be approached from three sides. The gentlest and most pleasant way is on the side of Nakovana on the west side of Sv. Iija. The second way is from the Franciscan monastery of Our Lady of Anđela, and the third way is from the east side of Orebić.
The ascent takes up to three hours at a slower pace. You pass through the forest several times, and on the way there are two rest areas - mountain houses where you can take shelter in case of bad weather. One is about halfway and the other under the top. You should definitely watch out for vipers that live here in the karst and the peak itself has a popular name "Snake Hill". You can guess why.
The ascent is by no means recommended without hiking shoes, long pants and no water.

The view that will greet you at the top is spectacular and looks out on both sides of Pelješac, and in good weather you can also see the Italian coast and mountain peaks. You can also see Mljet, Lastovo, Vis, Korčula, Hvar, Brač, the coast and Biokovo, and even Pelješac itself.



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