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Apartments Pelješac are located by the sea and the beach, which is only 40 meters away

Apartment Pelješac Croatia is located by the sea and offers a picturesque sea view. As well as Korčulua Island

The sea and beach are 40 meters away from Pelješac apartment, Croatia. Pelješac Apartment Croatia offers a beautiful sea view of likewise the island as well as the town of Korčulua Croatia. They are located on the Croatian Pelješac peninsula in the village of Kučište. The terrace of the apartment has a view of the sea and the Pelješac Channel in Croatia. It also offers a unique view of the city as well as the contrary island of Korčulua Croatia. Which is on the other hand in front of you because the apartments are renovated every year. We keep the apartments modern, according to market trends. We do our best to additionally enrich the apartments according to your wishes. The apartments are built in an ideal location because the sea and the beach are next to the apartments. And that is why you can hear the sound of the sea on the terrace of the apartment.

The centre of the village is 80 meters away, where there is a restaurant and a supermarket.

Kučište on Pelješac is an ideal place for an unforgettable summer vacation, which has the most sunny days during the summer.

Garages and outdoors


Smart TV


Enjoy free Wi Fi internet in our apartments


In 3 apartments and summer kitchen


Walking distance beach and the sea: 40 m


Solar on the terrace


The apartments are air conditioned


In 3 apartments  and In the summer kitchen

Closest to the sea Apartments Pelješac Croatia

Apartments Pelješac Orsula, Kučište has over 25 years of experience in working with tourists in the household. We hope to satisfy people who want a quiet place and a quality vacation near the clean sea and the beach, which is 40 meters away. Apartments by the sea have accommodation for 13 people in three separate apartments. All three apartments have a terrace and sea view. Each apartment has one free parking space.

Peljesac apartment

The first floor apartment for 5-7 people consists of four separate bedrooms with air conditioning.

from 115 EUR
Peljesac accommodation

The ground floor apartment for 4 people consists of two separate bedrooms with air conditioning.

from 84 EUR
Pelješac apartmani

Studio Apartment for 2 People Ground Floor Croatia. Terrace overlooking the sea.

from 48 EUR

Croatia Pelješac

Pelješac is in the south of Croatia in Dubrovnik-Neretva County. And the second is the largest peninsula in Croatia (the largest is Istria in Croatia). Because of its crystal clear sea and beautiful beaches, Pelješac in Croatia attracts tourists. The south of Croatia is rich in cultural monuments and Mediterranean nature. Thanks to the Mediterranean climate, which is hot and dry with little rain, the area has poor soil with a lot of small stones. That is ideal for viticulture and thanks to these important factors. We have excellent wines for which our Pelješac is known in Croatia and the world. The best quality wine from red wine is Dingač, which is named after the place on Pelješac.

The Pelješac peninsula is located halfway between the two pearls of Croatia on the Adriatic, so it's easy to go on a day trip to Split or Ston and Dubrovnik.

Kučište Pelješac

Small village Kučište is located on the Pelješac peninsula (south-east Dalmatia). 5 km away from Orebić, one nautical mile to the town of Korčula, 2 km from Viganj and 120 km from Dubrovnik where the closest airport.

The wind blows most often in summer in the northwest. It is very suitable for windsurfing. The World Windsurfing Cup is held every year in the neighbouring location of Viganj.

apartmani Kuciste

Crystal clears sea water and the beach in Kučište

The crystal-clear sea and the beautiful beach are only 40 meters away. Here, the beach is not so crowded, even in season. They are very suitable for families and children. With its natural position, this beach is protected from the wind, which often blows in summer so that there are no big waves.

Water sports fans know how to find us because it is the most beautiful place for windsurfing, kite surfing, Stand Up Paddling sports, and you can enjoy other water sports.
The location of the small island of Korčula is opposite the beach giving you a feeling of security, like being in your bathtub.


The owner speaks Croatian, English, Polish, Slovak and Czech. Contact us. We will answer you as soon as possible.


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Ivo Petković

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Latitude: 42.98 09 26 83 - Longitude: 17.11 57 91 46

Apartment Peljesac Croatia