Discover Pelješac peninsula, Croatia

Discover the beauty of southern Croatia, in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County, where the Pelješac peninsula is located. And it is the second largest peninsula in Croatia. It is an attractive tourist destination because it has the most sunny days during the summer. It is still hidden from mass tourism when privacy is what everyone is looking for.

Mediterranean climate on the Pelješac

South Croatia is rich in cultural monuments and Mediterranean nature. Due to the Mediterranean climate, which has a lot of sun, little rain and poor soil with small stones, such an area is ideal for viticulture.

Pelješac Channel

The Pelješac channel is due to the adjacent position of the island of Korčula and the peninsula of Pelješac, which are placed opposite and look like a funnel. Such a unique position of the islands and peninsulas is due to pressure differences

Pelješac by the sea

Apartments Pelješac Orsula have accommodation right next to the sea and the beach in Kučište, which is only 40 meters away. Its offer will satisfy all guests who want a peaceful and quality vacation. It consists of an apartment on the ground floor for four people with a large terrace, an apartment for four to seven people on the first floor with a terrace and a balcony, and an apartment for two people on the ground floor with a garden and a terrace. Apartments Pelješac Orsula offer ideal accommodation for 13 people in three separate apartments.

The location of Kučište

Kučište village is located on the Pelješac peninsula and opposite the island and the town of Korčula. Due to the position of the opposite islands of Korčula and Pelješac, it is like a funnel, so there are frequent mistrals, so the area is extremely popular for windsurfing and kite surfing, Stand Up Paddling.

Village Kučište

The village of old captains and fishermen, in which around 100 inhabitants now live, has become an interesting tourist destination, due to the peace, clean sea and pebble beaches.

About us

The parents built a house intended for living, and as tourists discovered the Pelješac peninsula, they started renting it out to households. As a sailor, after many trips by ship around the world in search of "treasure", I came to the realization that the greatest treasure is the place Kučište. In the desire to share the natural phenomenon of the Pelješac peninsula, the renovation of the Orsula Apartments building has begun....

Kučište Apartment

Escape from everyday life take a break from everyday life, and relax your body and soul, on a large terrace with a view of the sea and the island of Korčula (Pelješac Channel). Taste quality local Pelješac wines, and relax your mind and body with a selection of fresh sea fish that will contribute to the overall impression of our Dalmatian island. You can hear noise from the terrace because the beach is right below the apartment...

Apartments Orsula

The building was recently renovated and is in line with all market trends. A lot of effort and sweat was put into each apartment. And attention was paid to the details that make the space more beautiful, especially in the bedrooms. There is a place for surfing equipment, bicycles, etc. Next to the building are green areas with trees....

Pelješac Bridge

The Pelješac bridge is located somewhere in the middle of the Pelješac peninsula in the Dubrovnik-Neretva County. And the bridge is very important for the Pelješac peninsula, as well as for the whole of Croatia. Information about the bridge: 2404 m long, 21 m wide, 55 m high.

Peljesac bridge GPS coordinates: Dančanje Latitude: 42.86 49 45, Longitude: 17.56 71 54 Connection to road 414

It is 50 km from the Pelješac bridge to Apartments Pelješac Orsula.

Pelješac and bicycle paths

As part of the development of the "Outdoor Pelješac" project, an interactive map of mountain biking and hiking routes in Pelješac was created. Currently, there are five circular mountain biking routes with a length of 184 km and six hiking routes with a total length of 39 km on the map.




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GPS coordinate:

Latitude: 42.98 09 26 83 - Longitude: 17.11 57 91 46